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This episode is about an area that has *not* been researched very much in psychology, but which I think is worthy of a conversation: our hair and its impact on our self esteem. We will hear about the experience of folks with thick frizzy hair texture as well as those that have completely lost their hair. The show features interviews with two hairdressers, a woman who has lost her hair to cancer and my husband, Neill Clark, attorney, who will share his non psychologist “regular guy” perspective on some of these topics.

I’m happy to share that at the release of this episode 12 states have passed laws to ban race based hair discrimination and last month the US House of Representatives passed federal legislation (the “CROWN Act”) that bans race based hair discrimination, such as telling folks they can’t wear braids or cornrows because it looks “unprofessional.”

I like to dedicate each of these shows to a non-profit and today’s show is dedicated to The International Forgiveness Institute. Learn all about research that supports the mental and physical health benefits of forgiveness by visiting internationalforgiveness.com.

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