PHEC 240: Public Health and Social Media with Kristy Schirmer, MPH

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Coming to us from the future, all the way from Adelaide, Australia, is the inspirational Kristy Schirmer. Kristy has 20 years of experience working in health promotion and public health in Australia and the UK and she now works with government and non-government agencies with a public health focus, providing training to help them use social media as effectively as possible.

When Kristy presented her innovative ideas to a previous employer and was met with a flat “no”, she simply went on to start her own business! She is now the co-founder of the Australian Public Health Consultants Network and works as a social media strategy consultant for startups and other consultants.

Kristy joins us today to discuss her career journey and how she came to recognize social media as a crucial health promotion and communication tool. We find out how her public health expertise and understanding of epidemiology help her to better serve her clients and community, and she fills us in on what makes a dream client!

Tune in to find out more about how Kristy structures her training programs, and if you want to hear from our guest, you can catch her at this year’s Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo.

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