PHEC 244: Program Evaluation Consulting, With Brad Krueger, MPH

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The road into a public health career is rarely a direct one. Often students who want to study medicine are introduced to the topic during their studies and, based on their level of interest, find themselves diverting their plans to explore public health as a career.

Today on the show Dr. Huntley sits down with Brad Krueger, a program evaluation consultant based in Chicago. She talks with Brad about his journey into public health, his business, and how he thrives on building systems to collect, review and present data.

Tuning in you’ll hear Brad describe how he first considered a career in public health, how it aligned with his interests, and what he is most passionate about in his field at this moment. Brad shares an overview of his business, his typical client, and how he determines whether they’re a good fit.

He goes on to expand on the importance of creating a supportive network of professionals, why he has recommended potential colleagues to clients, and why an abundance mindset is so helpful. Brad also shares tips and advice for anyone in public health and epidemiology. Learn what it means to be a lifelong learner and why there’s always something to be gained from any opportunity.

We loved having Brad on the show and we’re sure you’ll find this conversation every bit as stimulating as we did!

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