PHEC 245: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch, Public Health Consultants

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When someone asks you what you do, what is your response? Are you too technical, too complicated, or too vague? How do you introduce yourself for maximum impact when the opportunity arises?

In this episode, we talk about why it’s so important to have a good elevator pitch prepared for the moment when the right opportunity presents itself.

Tuning in you’ll hear about how common it is for public health professionals to get this wrong, the many missed opportunities that occur as a result of poor elevator pitches, and how getting this right can be game-changing for your career.

You’ll find out how to target your ideal client, why you should focus on the benefits your client will derive from your services, and why you should address a problem that your client already has. For many other tips and resources to help you succeed in the field of public health through crafting the perfect elevator pitch, tune in today!

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