PHEC 247: Black Health Is Black Wealth, With Dr. Zenobia Bryant

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Our guest is passionate about health equity, diversity equity, and inclusion, and has focused her career accordingly. Dr. Zenobia Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Black Health Black Wealth and, in this episode, we find out why black mental health, black physical health, and black financial health are, in fact, black wealth.

Dr. Bryant has a Ph.D. in public health with a concentration in epidemiology and has countless other accomplishments to her name. In our conversation, we discuss the holistic nature of health, and Dr. Bryant explains how navigating racism and micro-aggressions leads to stress, which directly impacts one’s physical health. We also find out about the “Knowledge is Power” community program and how Dr. Bryant is working to empower young black women in the public health space.

To learn about the role of community in healing and growth, tips for overcoming imposter syndrome, and how to use data to make a difference, tune in with us today!

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