PHEC 258: Who Is This Podcast For?

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As part of Dr. Huntley’s efforts to bring the public healthcare community onto the same page, she brings you the third and final episode in her mini-series explaining the purpose behind the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast. After establishing why she started this podcast, how it has grown, and why she is still making it after five years, today she explains who it is for.

Tuning in you’ll hear why this is such a great podcast for prospective students and grad students who are going into the field of public health as well as consultants and entrepreneurs who are already in it.

You’ll learn how it can be a great resource for tips, business strategies, and networking opportunities, as well as inspiration and encouragement, before Dr. Huntley invites listeners to an exciting upcoming webinar. Register at

For some great tips on how to better use the free and insightful resource that is this podcast, tune in today!

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