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Listed with a GLOBAL SCORE of "TOP 5%" out of almost 3 million podcasts and an impressive multi-year running by multiple sites as a "TOP 50 MUST FOLLOW PODCAST" PURE EVIL MMA, hosted by EVil Eddie is easily a fan favorite sports journalist and podcaster. Recently in 2022 This podcast is now one of the top 5% most popular shows out of 2,820,691 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score! With an All-Star Guestlist like Mayhem Miller, Justin Gaethje, Paul Felder, Jimmy Smith, Belal Muhammad, Rey Sefo, Chuck Zito, Shane Burgos, Jimmy Rivera, Rob Font, Houston Alexander, LIL LEXI C, Matt Horwich, and Melvin Guillard! EVIL EDDIE HAS ALSO held interviews with MULTIPLE UFC And Other Big Promotion Champions like Sean Sherk, Colby Covington, Valentina Shevchenko, and the world's best FEMALE MUAY THAI FIGHTER OF ALL TIME, Jorina Baars! BRINGING MMA Fans THE MOST REFRESHING TAKE INSIDE THE MMA SCENE! Unlike most other reporters/ JOURNALISTS/ PODCASTERS AND GONZO JOURNALISTS, EVil Eddie has worked hard for almost a decade that has gained the respect of fighters for ALWAYS KEEPING EVERY SHOW AND EVERY INTERVIEW A REAL UNFILTERED AND ENTERTAINING approach on every single episode. With his, no fear way of living and OPEN MIND, the moment ( that he says was inspired by the late Hunter S Thompson most well known for his work writing "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas") captures not the event itself but the colors of the wind and energy surrounding every new experience before and after the events all while never stating the obvious "COPY AND PASTE" type questions while covering an event like these cookie-cutter questions other popular inside the line type sites ALWAYS reuse. NOPE!!! AS YOU BEGIN TO FOLLOW THE ART EVil Eddie tries extracting from each moment that unravels before us all he is always looking for the beauty and color trying to break down relatable lessons that are just waiting to be colored in by journalists, WITH MMA BEING A SCATTERED SPORT WITH MULTIPLE PROMOTIONS ALONG WITH REGIONAL / FEEDER LEAGUE PORTIONS or recapturing a new angle threw a different Lense that brings out MUCH MORE THAN JOE FOR JOSH but the story that's loaded with untapped connections that help bond the motions and most importantly is able to highlight what makes each event or fighter special. After every show, listeners are always left with a full circle of adrenaline, a reason to root for, or a new way of taking in each event all while making EVERY SHOW a special and well thought out roller coaster that has left us at the edge of our seats for almost an entire decade now! Weekly MMA News & Interviews With UFC, Bellator & Up And Coming Fighters. Pure EVil MMA is a new take on MMA Podcasts with Fun Trivia / Giveaways / Interactive Fantasy League With Prizes + Much More! "A refreshingly new take on MMA Podcasts" - iTunes Reviews So if you are getting burnt out and tired of all those "copy and paste" scripted and FEARFULLY FILTERED cookie-cutter MMA podcasts with no charisma and generic voices, then don't worry... So are we! And EVil Eddie is on his way to becoming the biggest and most artistic journalist/podcaster we may ever get to see! Pure EVil MMA was founded in 2014 and since has been nominated multiple times for best underground MMA Podcast and has made the top 15 list on multiple sites ranking the "BEST MMA PODCASTS". EVil Eddie brings his no-filter style with weekly content and fresh ideas you won't hear on other shows! There is also a PURE EVIL MMA Youtube Channel where you can watch EVil Eddie LIVE recording every episode before releasing them on all audio platforms like iTunes or Spotify. Check it out at www.Youtube.com/PureEVilMMA

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