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In this episode, host Dhruv and regular collaborator Aryan gush for the entirety of the episode about Mr. Wright's stellar filmography to celebrate the release of his latest film, Last Night in Soho (which will get an episode of its own!). Unlike the director's trademark precision, this episode is much more rambling, with most attention given to the ingenious Cornetto Trilogy, especially Shaun of the Dead. Yes, the whip pans (not wide pans...Dhruv), the crash zooms, and the smash cuts. But also, much more extensive focus on the wonderful set-ups and payoffs that manage to elicit both belly laughs and the odd tear or two.

Scott Pilgrim and Baby Driver also get their moments, though, with both Dhruv and Aryan concurring that Wright's energetic style is as infectious as ever. But, they question if the migration to Canada and America means that he loses that Brit-specificity that we both love so much in the work he has co-written with the impeccable Simon Pegg.
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