In [IMAX] Theatres Now: Dune

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In this episode, Sanjeet, Dhruv, returning (at least for one episode) host Hemant, and returning guest, Amartya, discuss Denis Villeneuve's ambitious science-fiction adaptation of Frank Gerbert's "unadaptable" Dune. The usual discussion about the theatrical experience abounds, with two of the hosts championing the visceral experience that only an IMAX cinema can provide for such a film. The two others (kind of) disagree. Then, the four of them dive into the Dune-verse to briefly discuss the novel and David Lynch's bizzaro 1984 version before having a spoiler-filled discussion about the many merits and failings of the Villeneuve film. *spoiler warning*: 48:50 onwards Do hit 'Follow' on Spotify if you haven't already to help the podcast reach more people! Follow our Instagram page: Support this podcast: Follow us on Letterboxd at- --- Support this podcast:

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