QKWHS - Euro 2020 EP14: End of Euros Awards Show

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QKWHS - Euro 2020 EP14: End of Euros Awards Show

We couldn't leave the Euros series on such a low point. So here, with a bit more reflection and love in our hearts is a bonus episode where we go through our favourite / best bits of the tournament and give out some entirely arbitrary awards.

We'll be back later this week with Chapter 8 of the Steve Bruce / Barnes odyssey - joined as always by Ivo Graham. We've also got loads more exclusive Patreon only episodes before the QK main series starts again on the 20th of August for fan club members (23rd for non members) including another QK Fil[m Club where we watch the new Roberto Baggio drama film.

Merchandise and CM97/97 updates are in this episode as well so watch this space!

Thanks so much for all your support, messages, emails and everything else in between over the summer we couldn't have done it without you and are very grateful to have shared it with this brilliant community.

Now let's get back to the 90's....the past can't hurt us, right?....

See you very soon.


Chris, Josh and Michael.

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