S08 EP9 - The end of series 90's Football Quiz

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QKWHS - S8 EP9: QK End of Series 90's Football Quiz

This week it's the return of the end of series quiz. Joining us in the studio are comedian, GK and choir boy Lloyd Griffith. And Quickly Kevin debutant, comedian George Lewis.

We've also got a HUGE announcement for the Euros - for one month only we are going topical across the tournament. Three shows a week. Watch-alongs. Prizes. A great panel of guests and so much more....it's either the best or worst idea we've ever had. Only time will tell...

If you want an extended version of this episode with exclusive bonus content then head on over to www.patreon.com/quicklykevin where the Quickly Kevin Fan Club is going from strength to strength - to get extended episodes of the main series with exclusive content on a Friday instead of a Monday (yes, a whole 72 hours early!) as well as ad free episodes for XJ8 members x4 pieces of merchandise a year.

You'll also find bonus episodes each month including the chapter by chapter breakdown of the Steve Barnes / Bruce crime novel trilogy. (Chapters 1-6 out now!!!) this month we also discussed WWF and Summerslam 92. Extra QK Film Cub episodes (most recently a review of Mike Bassett: England Manager) and a whole load of new QK Fan Club exclusive episodes coming up throughout 2021.

And free access to the QK live zoom shows. What more do you want?!


Chris, Josh and Michael.

QK Fan Club: www.patreon.com/quicklykevin

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Email: hello@quicklykevin.com

Thanks, Chris, Josh, and Michael

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