The Thing on the Fourble Board

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Porky used to work on an oil rig, until one day she and Billy found a strange object in the core sample from the well. Unfortunately, they didn't know what else came up with it.

Written by: Wyllis Cooper
Directed & Produced by: Chuck & Megan Marra
Executive Producer & Sound Design: Todd Gajdusek
Co-Executive Producer & Sound Editing: Cat Hammons
Produced by: Foley Marra Studios (

Susan Louise O'Connor - Porky
Mike Whittier - Billy
Christopher Manning - Ted
Omari Williams - Police Officer
Adam Pilver - Happy

Quiet Please Theme & Other Music licensed through Soundstripe
Written By: Stephen Keech
Performed By: Third Age

"Uncanny Valley"
Written By: Brendan St. Gelais
Performed By: Wastelander

Written By: Matthew Wigton
Performed By: Wicked Cinema

Sound Effects licensed through Adobe & Soundstripe

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