Episode 14:How to Find Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Every person has moments of insecurity, doubt, and stubbornness. All of these have to do with our unwillingness to step outside of our comfort zone in our twenties or maybe even later.
In this episode of the Quiet Wealth were sharing tools and reasons that will help you leave your comfort zone and allow you to achieve your goals. Get Ready to build wealth, let's Dive in.

[00:00 - 01:26]
• Welcome to the Quiet Wealth Podcast.
• If you could have a "Super Power" what would it be? Mine is . . .

• One of the most influential books I read?
[01:30 - 06:50]
• How do you get comfortable outside of your comfort zone? And is it even possible?
• Stretch yourself in order to grow and why you only hate things that you don’t understand?

[06:51 - 10:51 ]
• Reasons when is the right time to leave your comfort zone?
• #1 Gather information and research what you want to learn.
• #2 What's your gut feeling on it?
• #3 Will this make me better?
• The Ten Year Test.
[10:54 - 16:33]
• Why you need a little bit of Courage? Take The Next Step.
• How an introvert was Volunteering for the 2002 Olympics?
• What tools you can use to overcome fear
#1 Take a friend on networking events or evaluating a business
#2 Just do it sooner than later.
[16:34 - 18:08]
• Why I keep on leaving my comfort zone
• See you on the next Episode.

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"Let's not go backwards and let's continue to grow your wealth, to create the impact that you want to create, and then pass on a really strong financial education to the next generation." -Camilla Jeffs


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