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Hello people of the world!
And so begins a new gentle deluge of Quirky related audio drama content for your delectation and delight!
This week we start with the release of DASHINGLY QUIRKY LIVE! A wonderous celebration of new writing - new, uplifting, comedy writing - from our winners of this years comp! This year for the 'LIVE!' aspect, we were delighted to gain a spot on the Edinburgh Festival's Laughing Horse Online stream, and also were live on zoom via a link from their site.
We present
Locked out By the BRILLIANT Paul Spencer
A journey exploring one woman's way of dealing with and overcoming grief and loss
This has a ...Hope punk feel to it and has an all star cast consisting of some of the most
talented folks in audio drama today
Tanja Milojevic as
Evan Tess Murray as The Doctor
Angelique Lazarus as The Meditation CD Voice
Karim Kronfli as Billa
INTRODUCING Méabh de Brun as JANET (our walk-on part!)
LIVE FOLEY By Ele Matelan and the cast
Music by the fabulous Tom Rory Parsons
Delivery of an alarm clock by the BRILLIANT Fiona Thraille
Jeremy and Jean take delivery of....a Llama and a Cockerell...and try to fathom the true
recipient of these unusual... unexpected packages, to find something even more
fantastical is afoot.
This has a trad sitcom vibe of funnn, with a loving couple trying to deal with the absurd,
and some wonderful performances from folks as various animals!
Jeremy - Karim Kronfli
Jean - Sarah Golding
Lllama - Angelique Lazarus
Neighbour - Nathan Blades
LIVE FOLEY By Ele Matelan and the cast
Music by the fabulous Katie Seaton
THE WONDERFUL AUDIENCE as a variety of farmyard animals.
ALLLLL of the tech on the day was run by the wonderful Paul Spencer.
Coming soon is the after show chat wherein I thnk lovers of audio drama will find
a lot of inspiring chats, advice, insight and discussion!
Thank you for listening, and, if you do enjoy the show and still want to support the artists involved, or to help ensure future productions of DASHINGLY QUIRKY LIVE to celebrate even MORE new writing, feel free to pop some pennies to our KO-FI, or of course would always love some more Quirky Patreons!
We truly hope this inspired YOU to get writing too!
Sarah Golding and Fiona Thraille
Quirky Voices / Dashing Onions
Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/QuirkyVoices)

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