MADIVA 415 - Zachary Fortais-Gomm and Maddy Searle on their new actual play podcast - Realms Of Peril and Glory

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Hello and WELCOME to the final episode of this MADIVA season - woohoo!
I feel a bit emoshe!
Thanks muchly to Zachary Fortais-Gomme (also of The Orphans and Quid Pro Euro) Maddy Searle (also of Snazzy Tapir Productions and Rusty Quill) who wax lyrical about their new show and what it was like finding the characters and working with their brilliant cast and crew.
Some great insights in here from the pov of VA and director - AND THERE'S EVEN SINGIN!
Also wanted to draw your attention to the DASHINGLY QUIRKY LIVE SHOW - LINK HERE - I do this this week with some AMAZINGGG creatives - AUGUST 21 8:30 PM ONLINE AS PART OF EDINBRUGH FESTIVAL - thanks to the Laughing Horse venues!
Here's a link to join us - it's freee! Be prompt as latecomers might not be admitted!
Find out about how you can support our fundraiser here on this link!]
And IF you want to have a walk-on part, well - HERE YA GO - Join us and pop a credit on your cv as a performer at Edinburgh fest 2021.... sign up and wait to see if you are randomly selected!
THANK YOU as ever to my amazing Patreon supporters for supporting me and my works - I work - like most podcasters - crazily hard and appreciate VERY MUCH the help these folks give to all Quirky fun - if you want to join them do, as in the autumn there's an exclusive patreon only series happening! EXCIITTTIINNGGGG
Happy listening
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