50 - Alison Jackson

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The artist Alison Jackson, 61, grew up in the shires among the landed gentry but its been rock n roll and upsetting the establishment applecart since she studied sculpture at the Chelsea College of Art and then photography at the Royal College of In 1999 her photographs of a lookalike Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed with a mixed-race child caused a storm and in 2003 she made Doubletake, a BBC2 series that won a Bafta . In November 2016 she staged a rally featuring a Donald Trump doppelganger and women bearing slogans such as “Don’t snatch my pussy”. I’ve been to her show Double Fake, she has six photography exhibitions touring and her work is celebrated for exploring the power of imagery and illusion - she creates photographs that seem to seem to show our favourite celebrities (Diana, The Queen, Camlla, Kim K or Brad Pitt) doing what we really, secretly, want to see them doing.

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