Families of Those Lost to Police Violence March to Keep Their Memories Alive

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Feven Gerezgiher reports:

This Saturday, the loved ones of Justin Teigan, Courtney Williams, Daunte Wright and others lost to police violence marched across Saint Paul with a message: we have not forgotten.

Toshira Garraway lost her fiancé Justin Teigan in 2009 after an encounter with Saint Paul police. Recycling facility workers found Teigan’s body in a dumpster the next morning.

Thursday marked the 12th anniversary of Teigan’s death. In his honor this year, Garraway said she wanted to march for all lost lives. In part, to share her grief around the annual reminder.

“We cannot let this momentum die down because they are banking on it,” said Garraway to the gathered crowd. “The momentum has to be just as strong as when they kill somebody months down the line, years down the line.”

Garraway started Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence to support others in her position. Now, she says she wants to prevent others from joining their ranks.

“Demetrius Hill, Marcus Golden, Cordale Handy, Hardel Sherrell, Paul Castaway, Fong Lee, Kobe Haisler, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark…[they] cannot afford for us to be quiet,” said Garraway. “The momentum has to keep going. They’ve done enough damage.”

The families marched Saturday with over 100 people and a 30+ car caravan from the Saint Paul Police Department in Midway to the state capitol. Garraway says later this month, they are taking their protest to the U.S. capitol.

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