Can I manage without a green waste bin?

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From 1st July St.Albans District residents will have to pay if they want their green waste collected. So, even if you have a garden, how easy is it to manage without a green bin? Experienced composter, Andy, and newby composter Danielle share their tips and experiences and Amanda will have more ideas about how to put your green waste to good use. For further local advice on composting:
  • go along to a Sustainable St.Albans Open Food Garden
  • try one of the local gardeners Facebook groups like St.Albans Garden Buds
  • when visiting the Eat Wholefoods market stall, ask keen allotmenter Keith's advice
There’s also lots of advice on the Herts County Council website where you can also buy a subsidised compost bin made from recycled plastic. The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust blog explaining the importance of dead wood for so many creatures - The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species have advice on making a log pile and have an online map on which you can register your log pile. For lots more on wildlife gardening visit the Herts and Miidx Wildlife Trust’s wildlife garden down next to Grebe House in Verulamium Park To sign up with St.Albans District Council for your green waste subscription service go to

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