Radioactive Lounge Episode 186: Floor Chicken

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The episode so momentous we had to record it twice. That, and because Lucas recorded the first 50 minutes with the mics on mute. Now decide if he should have recorded the whole thing on mute, as we say goodbye with some last reviews, the last Rad Lounge Awards, the last BA's PAs, the last Sandman Tales, and a new segment about noises Mitch makes in his sleep. Plus we chat about Hawkeye, although Mitch says we're not supposed to do that anymore.


00:00 Intro & not news 58:42 Reviews: - Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins On Stage - Spider-man 90s cartoon - Hulk #1 1:36:53 Feature: Hawkeye 1:56:12 Feature: Rad Lounge Awards 2:56:22 BA's PA

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