Debunking The ”Watch The Water” and Snake Venom Theory Completely!

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A recent documentary called "Watch The Water"' has people believing that COVID-19 is not a viral infection, but rather a snake venom infection that is being injected into us and used to poison our water supply. Snake venom in the water wouldn't hurt anybody because it's not poison. It took me 5 minutes to debunk this outrageous claim! I have posted scientific research reports on how different snake venom works and the adverse effects. I have also attached the reports showing the use of different medications that are used as blood thinners and increase prothrombin time a.k.a your blood's inability to clot. #COVID #Coronavirus #watchthewater #venom #debunked #conspiracy

Studies on the venom of the Chinese Krait and King Kobras

Prothrombin Time information

Information on medications that also increase Prothrombin Time

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