Disturbing Details Surface about The Texas Shooter’s Background! Why Was This Not Addressed?!

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Earlier this week in Uvalde, Texas, Salvador Ramos killed 19 kids and 2 adults at Robb Elementary School. Several others were rushed to the hospital to be treated. Yesterday Beto O'rourke interrupted Governor Greg Abbott's press conference to blame guns for the atrocity. President Joe Biden took the time to blame firearms as the root cause in his press conference. However, As the investigation developed, the Washington Post released an article after interviewing several of the shooter's peers. The article gives insight into the shooter's home life and personal problems he had unfortunately been dealing with since middle school. An extensive history of bullying, drug use in the home, and violent encounters that even lead to the cops getting involved in several domestic disputes. Mental Health played a major role in this 18-year-old's decision to carry out this cowardly act of violence. #SalvadorRamos #Uvalde #Texasshooter #RobbElementary #Washingtonpost #CNN #FoxNews #MentalHealth #betoO'rourke #JoeBiden #GregAbbott Washington Post Article


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