Dr. Bryan Ardis From ’Watch The Water’ Joins Me To Debate His COVID Snake Venom Theory

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Dr. Bryan Ardis from “Watch The Water” produced by Stew Peters, joins us today to discuss his theory on COVID-19 and snake venom. I have recently been critical of Dr. Ardis and his ideology regarding the origins of the coronavirus, however, we had a great discussion. This Friday Dr. Ardis will be releasing a trailer for his new documentary “CoVenom-19”. The documentary will show recently declassified CIA documents as they relate to the pandemic. #watchthewater #snakevenom #COVID19 #JoeBiden #DrBryanArdis #1stamendment #donaldtrump #MAGA #stewpeters #mikeadams #pfizer #moderna #johnsonandjohnson

Disclosure for YouTube: The content discussed on this show is by no means an attempt to spread misinformation. The information discussed is merely the opinion of myself and Dr. Bryan Ardis and we are only discussing our views. It is simply subjective. Make sure you verify any source of information regarding COVID-19 and the pandemic. It could save lives. This content is merely for enjoyment purposes and I have attached links below to legitimate sources for COVID information. Neither Dr. Ardis nor myself are responsible for any misinterpretations. #watchthewater #snakevenom Below are links to all of the studies that Dr. Ardis reviewed in his interview with Mike Adams, Zee Media, and The Watch The Water documentary. Along with a few other interesting ones I found myself.












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