The 30 Year Bloody Truth About The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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President Zelenskyy said Ukraine is deciding on a peace deal with Russia. This comes days after a mass grave was uncovered, and that 410 civilians were tortured and killed by Russian soldiers. Since then, Vladimir Putin has been accused of war crimes and the west is calling on him to be tried. Did the Russians really do this? or is it a setup after Joe Biden called for regime change in Russia 2 weeks ago. In February, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is the full 100% factual reason and history for the Ukraine-Russian conflict. It covers everything from U.S foreign policy, defense strategies, and Russian defense strategies and explains how this conflict has evolved. The video also documents the relationship between American politicians, and their families, like Hunter Biden and their business interests in Ukraine. For the past several months there have been tons of misinformation and propaganda campaigns by the mainstream media that have created a pro-Ukrainian narrative, or anti-Russian narrative. They have criminalized Vladimir Putin. Here is the true history and reason for the conflict you have never heard before. #putin #Bucha #Zelenskyy #JoeBiden #Russia #Ukraine #Wolfowitzdoctrine #USSR #Hunterbiden #Biolabs #Burisma #NATO

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John McCain Speaking to Ukraine Protesters in Kiev

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