The Media’s False Narrative Regarding The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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As a pointless and unprovoked war rages in Ukraine, the mainstream media has been at the forefront of bring us the latest details. Every day Russia seems to become more and more careless about who and what they are bombing. But are they really bombing civilians? President Zelensky has ordered every male between the ages 18-60 to stay and fight for Ukraine. It is also well known that many women of all ages and men outside the mandated age range have stayed behind to fight as well. Narratives from the Russian media and the Western media could not contradict each other any more than they currently are. Is Vladimir Putin really taking a reckless and irrational approach with his combat decisions, or is the media leaving out a big detail? #prayforukraine #vladimirputin #russia #ukraine #Kyiv #Kharkiv #Lviv #NATO #FoxNews #CNN #TASS #MSNBC

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