#522 Quitting Your Day Job to Be a Full-Time Real Estate Investor

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Bronson Hill is the founder and CEO of Bronson Equity and has raised over $20M for real estate investments and is a general partner in over $150M worth of real estate around the US. In addition to his investment activities, Bronson is also the host of the Mailbox Money podcast.


“When it comes to real estate, you either have time or you have money.”


04:20: The process Bronson used to quit his W2 job to be a full time investor

08:15: Unique ways to find mentors by finding voids in their business

10:10: How Reed is adapting to today’s changing markets

14:55: Changes in rent growth in current conditions

16:45: How Reed uses health and fitness to stay at the top of his game

23:25: Reed’s challenges during his most difficult deals

Guest Website: https://bronsonequity.com/

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