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055 Catherine Steele

Clear Communication Gets Sales

When we are speaking with our clients we need to be clear about the information that we are conveying so that they understand us. The better understanding we have with our clients the more easily they will trust us. We want our conversations to go smoothly without conflict.

My guest Catherine Steel is an expert in coaching people to be the clearest speaker in the room.

Catherine's Bio

Catherine is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant, B.Ed., TESOL, helps clients speak English in a clear, confident manner that North Americans understand easily the first time. Catherine works with people in professional industries (such as engineering, tech, accounting, project management, business, and healthcare, as well as) as well as educators, speakers and politicians who need to make sure that their message is easily understood by all audiences.

She also teaches English Pronunciation For Success - English In Your Pocket offers Pronunciation / Accent Reduction which is coaching for adult immigrant professionals who want to speak English in the workplace and want to be successful in North America.


Cell / Text / WhatsApp 1-778-232-3815

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7j5MqElnyevP1TwZAVVmAg

Ask me about 50 Confusing Words In Real Estate.


The Personal Communication Analysis Checklist https://tinyurl.com/CommunicationChecklistEmma

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My contact:

emma@StressFreeRemodeling.com www.StressFreeRemodeling.com

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