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Vaishali Nikhade

We make numerous decisions every day but these days it’ s more difficult to make decisions because the outcomes aren’t what we would normally expect.

We are going to talk about a tool that can be helpful for making decisions that you may not have considered using before -intuition!

Are you wondering how intuition plays a role in real estate?

My guest Vaishali Nikhade will show us how you can tap into your own intuition while making a million-dollar decision about investing in a piece of real estate or deciding if you should work with a particular client.

Vaishali's Contact:

vaishalinik9@gmail.com vaishalinikhade.com Host of podcast The Uncanny Link Get Free Weekly Forecast every Sunday!

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Vaishali's Gift: Test your Intuition Quiz: theuncannylink.com/creativityquiz

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