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Takara Shelor

You Can Lead a Magnificent Life

We all lead very busy lives and we end up overcommitting which puts us in overwhelm and gets us stressed. When we’re in that state of mind we don’t really function at our best.

To avoid getting in that state my guest Takara Shelor will share her special techniques to keep us balanced and livea magnificent life.

Takar's Bio

Takara is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, engineer, and consultant. She helps people discover their unique magnificence, regain confidence, and heal the past to achieve personal freedom, success, and a lot more joy. Having enough of stress, she left a high-paying engineering management career in the pharmaceutical industry to move to an island and co-found a non-profit for dolphins and whales. She took a deep dive into personal empowerment, how to manifest success, and how to lead a stress-free life.

For decades her revolutionary methods have helped countless people manifest new relationships, switch to or launch new careers, and improve their finances and health. In her own life, she’s manifested new cars and business deals.

On a personal note, she has been a bestselling author multiple times over, lived on a million-dollar yacht in Fiji and the South Pacific, and much more.

Takara's contact: www.NewScienceOfSuccess.com

Takara's Gift: https://www.magnificentu.com/

My Gift

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