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Dorina Lanza

How would you like to be considered as an “Elite Entrepreneur” working with the elite clients selling multi-million-dollar properties or working with the top 500 fortune companies?

We all want to achieve great things but sometimes we don’t have the right path to follow to get there.

Today my guest Dorina, Lanza will share some steps to get on that path to achieve more than you ever imagined!


Dorian's passion and experience has been a mentor to other coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs. As a consultant, master business coach and mentor, she is known for her ability to bring together teams of people and inspire them to perform at a level they never thought possible. She has also become known for her ability to create a compelling strategic vision that breaks new ground. Dorina has consulted with, coached and mentored thousands of people and corporations around the world over the last thirty years.

To date, as a direct result of working with her, Dorina’s clients’ sales have increased over $2 Billion dollars.

Also, to confirm her brilliance she once was a rocket scientist.

Dorina's Contact dorina@circleofeliteentrepreneurs.com circleofeliteentrepreneurs.com

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