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Tanya E. Hood Finding Your Core Strengths After Divorce

Every client is different. And a client who has been recently divorced has unique needs wants, desires, and even fears.

There are certain sensitivities that are also common and to understand them as a realtor you can serve them better, support them and gain their trust. Having a background about this kind of particular client you will be able to navigate and deal with them with ease and put them at ease and build a stronger relationship.

We are going to explore this kind of client with my guest Tanya E. Hood. She was once in that position and now is on the top of her game and is even investing in Real Estate


Tanya is an Author, Coach, Speaker, and Strategist. She provides a simple solution for divorcees to navigate life after divorce. Her life-changing solutions give her clients insight into their core strengths, the ability to eliminate conflict, and break the barriers that hinder them from reaching their next level! She is an Electrical Engineer by discipline, a Project Manager by trade, and a Certified Practitioner of organizational and assessment development.

She has a powerful testimony of perseverance that has helped her develop a full range of strategies and actionable steps for her clients to give them a strategic impact both personally and professionally to have better than what life is giving. Her premier book entitled: “Red Alert: Is He The One?: Pocket Guide To Finding The Love of Your Life” and companion workbook deepens the insights that she provides to build a firmer foundation.

Contact tanyaehood@outlook.com https://www.tanyaehood.com

Tanya's Gift. Free chapter of her book http://bit.ly/RedAlertChapter1

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