064 Higher Profits with Unstoppable Hybrid Teams with Caryl Lane

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Caryl Lane

Our workscape has changed and how we interact and how work and relate to one another has changed. Most companies now have a hybrid of arrangement with their employees of working in the office and remotely.

Leaders are challenged to keep a cohesive team together to meet and exceed their goals.

Having the right strategies to do this is crucial for businesses to thrive. Our guest Caryl Lane is an expert in creating unstoppable hybrid teams for higher profits for companies.

After several years of working for a Fortune 500 Company and 24 years of working with groups in the mental health sector, she decided to share her expertise with business leaders and their teams so they can double focus, on productivity and profits.

She has now been a Certified Coach for ten years.

She was born in Seattle and grew up multiculturally in South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She is passionate about community, culture, and connection with people from many different ethnic backgrounds.

In her spare time, she writes, gardens, and enjoys reading historical literature. She's passionate about world travel, loves music of all kinds, and especially enjoys loud rock concerts in outdoor venues! She lives in Seattle with her partner, John and they have two Dachshunds, Frankie and Soosie, and a cat named Bella.

CONTACT caryl@caryllane.com website: www.caryllane.com/strategy

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