068 For Security-How to Keep Personal Property Facts at your Fingertips withMary Greenly

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We have our office organized in order to help us save time and be productive

But we don’t normally think about organizing and compiling our personal papers and property information. Keeping this information in one concise place can also save us time looking for it and it also decreases the chance of losing important documents or knowing where they are.

Having this information at your fingertips can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Our guest Mary GreenlEE is going to talk about her system to help us keep in order.

BIO Mary is a Virtual Fact Gatherer's Coach and Author of The Life Facts Book" The book is a comprehensive guide to Life Facts Management.

Mary is a speaker and coach for both individuals and groups. Her Mission is to inspire individuals to organize and make accessible the most important facts & information of their lives. Her company is Transition Times, LLC

Her goal is to assist individuals to empower themselves by being prepared with their facts so they are fact-ready when navigating life’s inevitable transition. The Guide covers all Personal, Medical, Legal and Financial Facts.

CONTACT mbgreenlee@gmail.com Transition Times, LLC www.LifeFactsBook.com

GIFT Home of the Life Facts Book, Fact Gathering and Coaching for individuals and groups

The Guide covers all Personal, Medical, Legal and Financial Facts. The book is available online at www.LifeFactsBook.com.

MY CONTACT StressFreeRemodeling@gmail.com www.StressFreeRemodeling.com www.AuriemmaDesign.com

MY GIFT Transform Any Home Into a Dream HOME Home A guide with lots of ideas and cost estimates for the transformation. StressFreeRemodeling.com/Transform

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