074 How to tell the personality of your client before they say a word with Tammy Cho

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We have heard of, and even been trained on different personality types to help us to relate to and understand a new client. When we meet with a client, we can get clues from their body language and tone of voice. Different from the personality types, we can learn even more about them if we are aware of the right clues in their client's face! We are going to learn from our guest Tammy Cho about those subtleties and the kind of information we can learn from someone's face and how that information can help us with our client relationships. BIO Having worked as a Registered Nurse and embodying her own spiritual and healing journey for nearly 20 years, Tammy realized healing is not only about medication, surgery, and symptom management. Her own trauma and life experiences led her to journey through traditional and non-traditional therapies. She has now dedicated her life to help high achievers connect to their body, heal their past and build emotional resilience so they can create the results and impact they want and achieve balance and alignment in their lives.



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