077 Increase Your Sales Without Extra Effort with Kathryn Wilking

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Do you wish there was a solution to Increase your sales without extra effort?

There is a solution we're going to talk about a method that can help the flow of your business. That is the art of Feng Shui.

Our guest Kathryn Wilking is an expert in Feng Shui which is the ancient art of placement of objects in a space to increase the flow of positive energy (Chi).


Kathryn Wilking, is an Author, Decorator and Feng Shui Consultant. She’s been an amazing problem-solver for decades, helping people ‘Get the Space Working for You’! She offers easy and practical tips to create a Life You Love through better function & flow.

Kathryn helps you live with less stress, leading to better relationships and achieve a healthy work-life balance

CONTACT kathryn@kathrynwilking.com Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Designs https://www.kathrynwilking.com

GIFT '10 Ways to Raise Chi-Energy in any Space'. https://www.kathrynwilking.com

MY CONTACT StressFreeRemodeling@gmail.com www.StressFreeRemodeling.com www.AuriemmaDesign.com

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