Tie Dyed Vibrations..WAP, Never Open The Top Drawer & Half In The Bag With Chris Lecca

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So Top Real Estate Producer Chris Lecca joins Jess and Emily and shares some of his crazy stories and encounters that he has had in Real Estate...

Ever had a wooden survey stake thrown at you by a client? Chris, has been stabbed in the chest...Press Play.

Murder/Suicide Houses? Nothing to joke about but why not? Listen in for more.

We apologize but we left our "Fax" machines back in 2005.

No name drops but dealing with other agents and biggest pet peeves? Tune in...We guarantee you'll cringe.

Listings full of bud light? Red solo cups full of bourbon at 10am? Ok..

"No Contingent Seas" The boat, the myth the legend and WAP...

Last but not least realtor photo staging 101... NEVER OPEN THE TOP DRAWER... Chris, knew better, but just couldn't help himself and had to learn the hard way tie dyed vibration style.

Be prepared to be entertained. You can't miss this episode.

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