Couple Leaves Their W2s (During COVID!) To Go Full Time in Real Estate

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Young love is beautiful, but what’s even more beautiful is young love that produces residual income together! That’s exactly what Sam and Nick of Eagle Hill Homes have done. Even though they have been together since their teenage years, Sam still had to be nudged by Nick to get into real estate investing. Once Sam started designing, planning, and executing on rehabs, she knew that this was the life for them.

Now, Sam is a certified general contractor and Nick is a loan officer. But these weren’t the couple’s original jobs, far from it actually. Nick was in corporate insurance sales while Sam was in marketing. Once they had 6 units under their name and they were making enough money to pay for their lifestyle, they quit their W2s and jumped into the real estate industry!

Now they’re rehabbing, renting out, and house hacking anything that has “value add” potential for them. They’ve taken very smart steps to renovate houses for far higher cash flow and ARV, gotten mortgages with 90%+ financing, and used their own specific skills to grow a flourishing rental portfolio!

In This Episode We Cover

Leaving a W2 job to pursue a career in real estate

Finding value add potential in deals

Finding off-market properties and negotiating with sellers

Understand the “why” behind a seller’s reason to offload their property

House hacking tips and how to keep your sanity when living close to tenants

And So Much More!

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