Zillow Has Stopped Buying Homes and Their Stock Price Has Taken a Hit. What Does it Mean For Agents?

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Just when Realtors were getting used to Zillow buying homes directly from the consumer, the platform has pulled the plug on their much touted offer program. What does it mean?

This turn of events can actually work to the benefit of real estate agents if we play our cards right. This is the time for us to up our visibility, give sellers more certainty and take back market share.

What are some of the ways we can make sure our sellers never need to call any iBuyer before us? How do we give the consumer the convenience that made them opt for iBuyers in the first place?

In today’s Roundtable, we discuss the recent shift in Zillow’s strategy and what we can do to take advantage of it.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to remind the consumer of the value we bring Consumers need to know that we never stopped looking out for them even when Zillow was buying homes. How do we put a massive megaphone on this message?

  • The real reason people were interested in instant offer platforms What drove the rise of Zillow offers and other iBuyers, and how can we build the same level of convenience in our customer experience?

  • Why we have to get comfortable with spending money on marketing Can agents crush it in the digital marketing game with sweat equity and organic tactics alone?

  • How to stand out in the listing presentation How can we win by attacking points of friction and stress in the real estate transaction?

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