27 | How to Balance 2 Unique God-Given Callings & Steward Them Both Well

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Have you ever struggled to balance two unique God-giving callings or goals, and wondered how you can actually steward them both well? Or maybe you’re currently pursuing multiple goals at once, but you keep failing? Maybe you keep putting together the “perfect” plan to grow your business and still achieve all your other goals, but you just can’t seem to stick with it. You wind up overwhelmed or busy, you procrastinate, and experience analysis paralysis. If this sounds like you, then you’re going to want to tune in. The truth is, most people have more than one thing that God is calling them to right now. For example, maybe you're running a business, but you're also a mom. Maybe you feel led to start a coaching business, but also publish a book. Maybe you're being called to start a business, while also starting up a local student ministry. Maybe you're being called to foster kids, while also starting a blog. That being said, today's podcast episode is all about how to balance different callings while stewarding them both (or all of them) well. Unfortunately though, most people with two or more callings get overwhelmed and wind up letting one of those callings just fall through the cracks. Sound familiar? I'm going to be honest though–I don't want that for you. Even though you may feel as if God is calling you to pursue these things, I know that a lot of the time, these callings just kind of fall through the cracks because you might get so caught up in another calling, or perhaps you get so caught up in life because things happen, and we get busy. Can you relate? Even if you don't feel like you're being called to multiple things, this episode is still jam-packed with value, and I truly believe you will still gain a lot of insight. If you’re ready to walk through the five tips I have for you to balance multiple God-given callings and steward them all well, it’s time to tune in and discover how to “do all the things” well! Are you ready? Let's do this.

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