RSR356 - Matt Ross-Spang - Southern Grooves Recording Studio in Memphis

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My guest today is Matthew Ross-Spang a twice Grammy winning Memphis record producer and engineer, who started out at the Legendary Sun Studio as a teenager working his way up from intern to the Chief Engineer. He has since moved on to restore back to its original glory the also legendary Sam Phillips Recording studio across town originally built in 1960 to accommodate the ever growing catalog of music under Sam’s production and label.

The City of Memphis even nominated him one of its “30 under 30” Memphians and in 2016 awarded him a key to the city while proclaiming April 25,2016 as “Matt Ross-Spang Day” in Germantown,TN.

Matt has worked with many great artists and producers including: Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Chris Isaak, The Rival Sons, Dave Cobb, and John Prine to name just a few.

Matt has been an early guest on the podcast previously on episode RSR040 when I visited Memphis for the podcast so you can catch his background story there.

Thanks again to Mark Rubel at Blackbird Academy for making our introduction.

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