Episode 15: Episode 35: Your Guess Has No Chance to Survive

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Contestants: Aaron Lichtig, David Goldfarb, Greg Fanoe
You know what you doing? For great justice (and knowledge), make your time for the next 2.5 hours and enjoy this experimental episode of RECREATIONAL THINKING featuring a categorical collision unlike anything we've ever seen before! If you're curious about superhero comics, Italo Calvino, Janet Jackson, the Hugo Awards, all sorts of bridges (from Staten Island to contract), and the *real* reason the autopilot was invented ... well, like a seemingly washed-up pitcher who strikes out 13 batters in a World Series game, this episode is full of triumphant surprises.
NOTE: We wrapped up the tape session a bit early; the last ~15 minutes are just post-mortem'ing. There's no more Q&A, and it's not fact-checked, but if you stick around you might learn something!
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