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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic talk about interesting names, whether spelled differently or entirely unexpected, that they have experienced in life. They also reminisce about games that were both good and bad. Red-Eye exposes an unlikely disliked game given his Xbox console, Erratic also talks about a game that he thought he would like, but ended up not enjoying at all. In the midst of the reminiscing, Erratic also brings up the once well-known movie rental company, Redbox. How did they become so popular and where did they go all of the sudden?

Join us in our discussion! What games were your favorite and least favorites? What are the best or most interesting names that you have seen in the world? Do you own a VHS player? How many VHS tapes did you have in your collection? Are you an Xbox or Playstation gamer? Perhaps you do not care about either one in particular? Have you seen any good shows recently? Let us know everything!

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