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May has begun and we are looking forward to all of the delicious food we can enjoy. Eggs alone are a critical ingredient in many recipes and can even be had by themselves for quick snack. But has there even been a successful barbecue grilled egg? Another condiment that tastes vastly delightfully is salsa. Salsa can be made and used in so many different ways. The best salsas are always the spiciest. There are many more food holidays to celebrate in May, we can't wait to dig in.

Join us in our discussion! What is the best salsa you have ever had? Do you enjoy spicy salsa? Do you like to eat eggs? What is your favorite way to have an egg? If don't have any or don't eat any eggs, what do you use as a substitute? How about eggs on burgers? Yay or nay? Speaking of burgers, what's your favorite burger place? Let us know all your tastiest ventures!

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