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It's about that time of the year. 3/14 has reared its ol' head once again, spreading the usefulness of Pi(e) throughout the world, if you celebrate the day as such. If not, you may have also had a great British Pie Week just before! It's been a very sweet week and we are dying to know what you have done! Though we're not the only ones dying, it is also the Ides of March, the day that Julius Caesar was betrayed by many of his acquaintances. It is a day to look back on and make sure your current friendships and relationships aren't with someone who might stab you in the back!

Let us know how your week has gone! Have you had any pie? If so, what kind? Have you been celebrating the month of March with any particular foods? Do you find yourself thinking whether or not you can share your food with your friends? Is trusting someone a difficult task for you for fear of being let down, angered, or even betrayed? Have you ever been the person to stab someone in the back? Will Erratic ever escape impending doom? Join us in our discussion!

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