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Mother's Day has come to pass and we know all mothers love to take a break and eat some delicious food. Fortunately for everyone, the 11th of May is a holiday to celebrate by eating whatever you desire! This holiday is named appropriately as Eat What You Want Day. If you or your mother are on a diet, no you aren't! Not on this sacred day. I'm sure we all love our mother's enough to treat them to a tasty meal and there's no better time to do so. Whether it is a juicy burger, plump seafood, or a sweet and tasty apple pie, eating together is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

Join our discussion! How do you usually celebrate Mother's Day? Does your family go out all together or would you prefer to treat your mom to a gift showing your appreciation by yourself? Do you have any plans in mind regarding what to eat for Eat What You Want Day? How about mom? Let us know all of your escapades!

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