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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic close Season 4 with the introduction of the month of February! February has a lot to offer with its national and international celebrations. During the month of February you can celebrate national dark chocolate day on the very first day, tater tot day on the second, Nutella and ice cream on the fifth, and many other delicious treats. But of course food is not the only celebration during this time. There's also national random acts of kindness day on the 17th where you can show your generous spirit by doing at least one random good deed on this day... and perhaps on other days too? Valentine's Day is coming up for those who are romantically involved! And singles awareness day the day after for those who are not! And of course, February is Black History Month!

Join our discussion! What are you looking forward to this February? Will you be celebrating any of the national or international holidays that are upcoming? Will you be eating chili on the 24th? How about sleeping in public on the 28th? And what will you do on the two Twosdays of 2/2/22 and 2/22/22? Let us know everything!

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