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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic are totally fine. Or rather, fed up with fines. Someone has done Erratic wrong, and now Erratic has to pay the price. On the other hand, there are some benefits to being mistaken for another resident, like getting free food deliveries. On the topic of food, the holidays are coming up and if you are in a workplace, you might soon be attending a get-together of sorts with your colleagues arranged by your office. Whether you are having a small dinner or even leaving the country for this event, it is crucial to ensure you get fed along the way. Speaking of being fed, how much does that cost again?

Join us in our discussion! Have you been fined for something that is not your fault? Have you been delivered the incorrect items because the address on the parcel was incorrect? Do you often find items of interest in your local trash area? How about office dinner parties? Are you attending anything special this holiday season whether with your office or otherwise? Are you traveling to see family or get absolutely smashed with colleagues? Do you have a bag that is able to carry your belongings while you are away? Let us know everything! Including how much you pay for bananas.

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