Halfway Through 2022: How You Bean? - Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic

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We are officially more than halfway through the year! Time is flying by as we move through 2022. Before we know it we'll be entering a whole new year of exciting holidays that we all can celebrate. For now, we're looking forward to all of the great celebratory days that are happening now in the month of July! With summer about to be at its peak, it's no surprise that it is National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Watermelon Month, and National Hot Dog Month all at the same time. Of course, beans and chicken also play a heavy role in these summertime feasts with beans also being honored throughout the month and several different types of chicken having their own days dedicated to the ingredient.

Join us in our talk! What is your favorite part of July? Are you looking forward to grilling, barbecuing, and refreshing yourself with ice cream and tasty fruits? Did you celebrate the 4th of July? If so, what did you do? Perhaps you fried an egg on your sidewalk or car hood? Do you like to partake in creative ice cream flavors such as strawberry balsamic or straight up bacon? Let us know all of your summer antics!

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