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It is officially spooky season! Remove all skeletons from your closet and put them out for decoration. In this episode there is even more unhinged banter with varying conversational topics, mostly related to food. Have you ever seen the plethora of different crust availabilities in pizza places, such as the cheese-stuffed crust, or even a hot-dog-stuffed crust? We have. But, what if we take it even further and make a pizza that is only crust? These mind-bending ideas never end with us. On top of that, we, as co-hosts of each others' co-hosting, discuss more observational holidays that occur throughout October.

Join us in our discussion! Are you looking forward to Halloween? Do you enjoy the spooky season as much as others? Do you own a slap chop? Would you buy Erratic a slap chop for Christmas and/or his birthday? What is your favorite type of pizza and your favorite crust? Do you even like the crust of pizza? Above all else, what holidays are you looking forward to in October? Let us know!

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