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July is bringing the warm weather with heat waves happening all around the world. This is the perfect time to have some delicious refreshing treats such as ice cream, perhaps a classic vanilla flavor topped with some delectable toppings like chocolate sauce, peanut butter, and sprinkles, all of which have a holiday to celebrate coming this Saturday! Or maybe you would like to continue the summer with some junk food on National Junk Food Day. Whether it's sweet or savory, as long as it's got flavoring. Take a picture of your favorite treat this week and post it on your favorite social media platform. Would that be Facebook since it has evolved to become a multi-faceted platform with its marketplace, housing pages, and dating aspect? Even though we don't use the platform on a personal level, it's clear that there are many uses!

Join us in our talk. What foods are you indulging in on National Junk Food Day? Will you be refreshing yourself with some tasty desserts during the weekend? Maybe you need to have something to cool you down earlier than that, especially if you live in The Netherlands where today (Tuesday the 19th) is the hottest it has been in quite a while! If you use Facebook, do you find that you utilize all of the available features? Let us know everything!

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