Pretzels, Cheesesteaks & Sticks: What a Mix

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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic close out the month of March with some delectable topics. Pretzel Sunday is a holiday that is observed in Luxembourg during Lent, though you don't need to be religious or observe Lent to have a delicious pretzel! Whether soft or hard, pretzels can be a tasty treat, even if soft pretzels are much better than their crunchy counterparts. There's also a day for you to enjoy a hearty cheesesteak. If you are from Philadelphia, you know what it's like to bask in the glory of a delicious, traditional cheesesteak. Us outsiders have to search far and wide for a cheesesteak that can match the tastiness that is within, but have you ever heard of a vegan cheesesteak? The take-away restaurant Las Vegan has! Located in Amsterdam, it is a great opportunity for those in Europe as well as plant-based eaters to have the joy of a delicious cheesesteak.

Join us in our discussion! Have you ever had a cheesesteak? If so, was it a good cheesesteak, or perhaps an underwhelming one that was not made with the same love and affection that the OG Philly Cheesesteaks provide? Do you prefer your pretzels hard or soft? What sauce do you like to have with your pretzel, if any? Do you enjoy food that is served primarily on sticks, such as corn dogs, candy apples, etc.? Let us know everything!

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